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Video Conferencing

The future of communication is here today, and it's called video.

We all know that humans communicate better when we can see the other person's facial expressions. Whether it's in a business, educational or personal setting, over 50% of a person's understanding of a conversation comes from non-verbal clues. And that's why video conferencing systems are vital components in a company's overall AV and IT strategy – they make communication more effective.


Following a comprehensive market review ATD have invested in and strategically partnered with LifeSize, an established pioneer and world leader in high-definition video collaboration. Designed to make video conferencing truly universal, LifeSize video conferencing solutions are simple to buy, adopt, support and use. Offering video conferencing systems and software applications as well as a full line of video infrastructure, available on premise or in the cloud, LifeSize is committed to universal video collaboration. With LifeSize, customers can participate in large multiparty HD calls, live streaming and recording, and collaboration on any mobile device on any network, all at the highest level of quality. LifeSize was founded in 2003 and acquired by Logitech in 2009. For more information, visit www.lifesize.com.

LifeSize Universal Video Collaboration is the guiding framework that is applied to all LifeSize products, technologies and partnerships. This framework focuses on three foundational pillars: performance, flexibility and simplicity. With LifeSize, users can collaborate face to face from across the street or across the globe, from meeting rooms and conference centres to home offices or on the road—even across platforms. Quite simply, LifeSize is a world leader when it comes to the provision of high quality video conferencing services.

What Are the Benefits of Video Conferencing in Australia?

Of course, a face-to-face meeting is the best way to communicate in a business setting. Most sales meetings are still held in person, and a high percentage of other meetings involve travel so that attendees can gather around the conference table. But not all meetings need to be face-to-face, as evidenced by the fact that over 250,000 video conferencing endpoints were sold to businesses worldwide in 2012.

For those meetings that can be held between people in different locations, video conferencing in Australia offers enormous benefits over a typical audio conference. Some of them are obvious, but others are less apparent:

  1. Reduced travel costs. This is the typical trade-off people tend to make while evaluating whether to participate in person or avail of video conferencing services. A white paper published by Verizon in the US revealed that a typical five-person meeting involving air travel for four attendees costs three times as much as a video conference. And those are just for the hard costs like travel, hotel and rental car. Here in Australia, especially Perth based companies the cost could be up to 5 times as much. This is just one good reason to choose video conferencing in Australia.
  2. Time savings.In addition to saving travel costs, video conferencing systems help save valuable time too. The same US Verizon study showed that the average time participants spend to prepare for, travel to and attend an in-person meeting is over 53 hours – more than three times the amount of time for a video conference. When we consider the cost of a typical executive or employee, this is substantial. This is evident if your employees require regular travel from Western Australia to the eastern states.
  3. Employee Well-Being. The same study showed that 72% of employees have a neutral or negative view of business travel, especially when their frequency of travel is high. When given the option, most employees would prefer to stay home rather than spend time away from home and family. 
  4. Environmental Concerns. With the new found global emphasis on reducing carbon emissions, any activity we undertake to minimise the burning of fossil fuels – like minimising travel - is highly beneficial. That’s why most companies with well- established Green energy strategies are avid users of video conferencing. 
  5. Efficiency. If an employee travels from Perth to Sydney to attend a two-hour meeting, they cannot attend a meeting in Brisbane on the same day. Video conferencing allows employees to interact with a greater number of clients or co-workers over a smaller time period. It’s easy to see how a well-developed video conferencing capability can lead to enormous benefits to employee well-being, corporate efficiency and the bottom line.

ATD is the Premier Choice for Video Conferencing Solutions in Australia.

Book a demonstration today and learn more about the various uses for video in your organisation. Located centrally at 215 Stirling St, PERTH, the ATD Experience Centre will provide an insightful live High Definition Video conferencing demonstration that will inspire and excite, all on ADSL! Talk to us today.LifeSize
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