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GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Systems

Navman Wireless Gold Partner


Navman Wireless is one of Australia's market leading provider of GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Systems.

Our easy-to-install GPS Fleet Management Systems enable you to track and manage your vehicle fleets better than ever before. We put you in the driver's seat of every vehicle, giving you access to real-time information that takes the guesswork out of managing your business on the road.

The Navman Wireless GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System provides a comprehensive suite of reports that lets you gain a clear understanding of how your fleet is working. This reporting provides crucial decision-making support, allowing you to increase productivity, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

View, track, communicate, navigate and take control with an efficient, easy-to-use, reliable system that soon pays for itself and offers countless benefits.

How Can ATD and Navman Wireless GPS Vehicle Tracking & GPS Fleet Management Systems Benefit You and Your Business?

With Navman Wireless GPS Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking solutions, you’ll see time and money saving benefits from the moment you install the system. In addition to real-time visibility of your fleet, you'll have a more productive team that works efficiently. And you’ll enjoy a positive return on your investment.

Here is A List of Some of the Many Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking in Australia:

Reduce Costs
Enjoy lower fuel costs and communication costs, less vehicle wear and tear, eliminate unauthorised vehicle usage and ‘cashie jobs’ and see fewer timesheet and billing discrepancies.

Because you can see all your fleet vehicles at the same time, you can send the nearest vehicle to a job and send it by the most direct route using the GPS satellite navigation device.

With Navman Wireless’ ability to help you improve scheduling, you can reduce downtime, optimise the use of fleet vehicles and complete more jobs in a day.

Customer Service
Become a trusted partner of your customers by providing more efficient service, more accurate ETAs and more accurate invoices.

Find out more by visiting the Navman Wireless site or contact your ATD representative today.

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