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We know that competing in the 21st century isn't as easy as it once was. It may be tough - but we know how to use today's communication technology to help your business to compete as well as succeed. Here at ATD, we believe that effective communication is the foundation of any successful modern business no matter what the size or industry. ATD's trained communication specialists can help you streamline, improve and cut costs across all your business communications with the latest in today's technology.

Next Generation Technology Made Easy

Digital Office Technology (DOT)

DOT is a complete communications package which makes big-business features available to small and micro businesses. It bundles high-speed fixed broadband, desktop phones and smartphones into one simple integrated package, with the phone system features hosted online.

What does it offer? 
Free voice calls between the business’ fixed and mobile phones on the same account. 

Call and data allowances can be shared across all users in the business, while data allowances are also shared between mobile and fixed services on the same account.

The option to incorporate Microsoft Exchange® Online, which offers business-wide email, calendar and address book features with automatic synchronisation between devices.

Optional network backup where the entire system can automatically switch to the Telstra Next G mobile network in the event of an interruption to the fixed internet connection.

You also get a wide range of extras such as a dedicated phone line, eftpos/fax line and mobile devices from a range of new tablets and mobile phones.

Telstra Business Systems (TBS)

TBS provides modern IP Telephony Systems designed to offer an enterprise-grade phone service across your business. ATD offers three brands of IP Telephony Systems for you to choose from, Mitel, NEC and Panasonic, along with a wide range of application-rich handsets and video conferencing units.

What does it offer?
IP or Digital Telephony Systems can easily handle the needs of the modern office – such as call waiting, voicemail, auto-attendant, call conferencing and internal directories.

The systems are also highly customisable to handle the needs of a wide range of business models, such as hotels, hospitals, call centres and helpdesks. Such flexibility makes it easy for businesses to customise the best Telephony System solution for their needs.

All of TBS’ Telephone Systems are IP-capable, meaning that not only can they can be used with a traditional phone system, they can also be configured to a Voice over IP system.





Satellite Phones

If you need to get in contact with the office from some of Australia’s most remote locations, or want the security of a phone that works virtually anywhere in the world, ATD can help you buy or rent a satellite phone to meet your needs.

What does it offer? 
Peace of mind that you and your team can stay in touch even in the most remote areas of the world.

Only pay domestic satellite rates for calls between destinations on the Australian mainland and up to 200 nautical miles out to sea.

No charge to receive calls in Australia or most places in the world.

Supported by the Iridium satellite network, providing access throughout the world.

Flexible short or long term hire options starting from
only $22 per day.


The latest communication technology doesn't have to cost the earth and it certainly doesn't have to be complicated. It does however have to work for your business now and in the future. From traditional phone systems to, VoIP, satellite phone rentals, tablets and more, your dedicated ATD account manager is here to help answer all your questions and make it simpler for you to run your business.

ATD will be at the forefront of technology through the efficient delivery of a 21st Century suite of IP solutions customised to our clients needs worldwide resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship for all.

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