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New Doors Open for Small Business

Telstra's Digital Office Technology can finally open doors previously closed to small and micro businesses

Tailored calling features. Customised email addresses. Super-reliable internet services. These were the things that once separated the big players from the rest. Not anymore. Now those services are available to small businesses like yours and ATD are here to help.

While corporate boxes at the Grand Final are still the stuff of dreams for many, technology that once seemed luxurious, even futuristic, is now within the reach of every Australian business.

The key is integration. Companies that can combine their fixed phones, mobile phones and broadband services and run systems that streamline operations, boost productivity, improve working conditions – and generally make them feel like a million dollars.

One way to achieve this is to take advantage of Telstra's Digital Office Technology (DOT) solution. DOT combines high-speed fixed broadband, high-definition digital voice (commonly and fondly known as VoIP) and mobile smartphone and tablet technology in a simple integrated package.

Big Features designed for the needs of Small Businesses

The services available through DOT include a Microsoft email service that delivers emails across all compatible devices including your desktop computer and your mobile phone and tablet. The service is hosted by Telstra, which means you get an enterprise-grade email system without having to install, run and maintain the technology in-house.

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20% – Marketing Metrics

Hold on to your customers with DOT’s online address book. Accessible to all handsets and computers in the business; enter a new contact on one device, and it’s available on all other devices making it easier for your business to keep client information up to date. 

An online calendar can be shared by all staff, making it easier to arrange meetings, schedule holidays and locate individuals who may be working off-site.

No need to leave your message after the beep...

The high-definition internet telephony technology in the DOT package gives customers access to innovative call systems. For example, the “auto-attendant feature” feeds incoming calls to an interactive voice response system, which then prompts the caller to direct their call to the most appropriate staff member.

The “simultaneous ring” makes it possible for an incoming call to ring on multiple phones simultaneously (be they mobile handsets or fixed phones), so that staff can pick up the call at the most convenient location. 

Alternatively a call can ring sequentially from one location to another until it reaches an available staff member. Better yet, “intra-account calling” means that all voice calls within Australia between phones on a Digital Business account are free of charge, regardless of whether they are from fixed or mobile handsets.

The DOT package also allows voicemail messages from both fixed and mobile handsets to be collected in a single inbox. And there’s the built-in capacity to have those messages forwarded to staff members as emails or SMS messages.

Never hear the ho hum of dial up internet again

By integrating mobile and fixed broadband services, Digital Business gives small businesses the ability to automatically switch their communications to Telstra’s Next G mobile network in the event of an interruption to the fixed internet connection.

Prices affordable to the smallest of businesses

Pricing, in particular, has been simplified. Rather than paying a monthly fee for a basic service, then being charged for each additional feature, customers pay a flat rate for a bundle of services including unlimited voicemail in Australia, a hosted email service and a generous call allowance. Allowances for calls and data usage are shared across all users on the same account rather than being applied to employees individually.

DOT packages are designed for smaller businesses, from sole traders up to those with around 10 employees, and can cover up to three sites (for example, a home office, a warehouse and a shopfront). That smaller end of the business market has been quite unloved when it comes to data solutions, until now. DOT will provide real benefits for small business in Australia.

ATD's unified communication specialists are specially trained to help you find the right package for your business as well as provide you with ongoing support to make sure that you get the most out of it. Contact your ATD account manager who'll be able a build a DOT Package to help you run your business and stop running around paying bills.

ATD will be at the forefront of technology through the efficient delivery of a 21st Century suite of IP solutions customised to our clients needs worldwide resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship for all.

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